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Moon Adventure with Timechain swap

We consolidate blockchain and DeFi (Decentralized Finance) services on our interoperable ecosystem built on the Fantom Network.

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About us

Our big, hairy, audacious goal at Timechain Technologies is to make the future of digital and decentralized finance accessible and easy to use for everyone.


Put your crypto to work

Empower yourself with dynamic, reliable and transparent tools to make your digital assets work for you on the blockchain.

dex aggregator
dex aggregator

DEX Aggregator

Optimize your trades with the best price

Our DEX aggregator uses and combines multiple DEX platforms to offer the most optimal route for transactions at the best rates.

There is no additional fee required to get started. Simply connect your wallet and begin your journey!

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Bridge your assets across multiple chains

TimechainBridge allows you to easily transfer assets across the Ethereum, Binance Smart Chain, and Fantom networks with high speed and comparatively low gas fees.

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Get the best TCS price in Timechain swap DEX

You can find the best TCS rate in the market by using TCS DEX.

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Supply Liquidity

Stake your crypto to earn 0.2% liquidity provider fee

Supply any portions of liquidity you wish for two different tokens in a pool and receive 0.2% fees in any transactions that your staked pool is engaged in.

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Stake your LP tokens to earn TCS as the rewards

After providing liquidity in a pool, increase the amount of your profit by staking your LP tokens in a farm to generate yield in the form of TCS tokens.

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Stake TCS to increase your profit even more in the ecosystem

You can get daily profit by staking your TCS tokens in TCS/xTCS pool.

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Articles & News

Read the latest news from our team to learn more about the Timechain ecosystem.


All TimechainSwap features are designed to complement each other to build passive income from multiple avenues for you in our unified ecosystem. Read our medium blog articles to learn more about what is in the works and how it will improve the Timechain ecosystem!

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Keep yourself updated with media updates related to Timechain. Press releases, partnership announcements, and NFT updates can be found on our Twitter page.

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Join the commmunity

Help strengthen our mission statement for shaping a better future in DeFi by joining our community!


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